My Last Year in my Twenties

What a weird week this has been. I turned 29 years old on Wednesday. I really don't feel any different, but I am still well aware that I will be 30 next year. Joe gave me the best gift ever. He showed up at my kindergarten class with flowers. He secretly took the day off and conspired with my mentor teacher to surprise me! He stayed the rest of the morning and played with my students. They all had a blast. I was so surprised. I love him!

Please keep the Hodson's family in your thoughts. Joe's grandfather passed away yesterday morning. We will be going down to Cincinnati on Monday for the funeral.

My sister has made wedding plans, check out her blog for details.



An Update

Grace taking a look at Eli through the doggie gate. (Check out her cute onesie)
Eli (5 months) Isn't he getting big?
Grace giving me her toothy smile. (She has 2 bottom teeth now!)

It has been a while since I posted last, and I apologize. It seems like I don't have any extra time on my hands anymore since school started. Well, since the last post, I have quit my old job, found a new job, and I am inching closer to student teaching. I only have 2 more weeks of school before student teaching, and then I will be done. I am really getting excited. I love my kindergarten class. We get to sing songs and play and learn our alphabet together. I am enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. I have a lot of homework to do in the next couple of weeks, but then I won't have to worry about any other course work until December. I have been subbing a lot lately. I have actually been requested to sub for the first time, and I am really excited about that. In fact, I am subbing two more times next week at that school. This will hopefully come in handy when I start looking for a permanent teaching job.

Joe is doing well. He went to the allergy doctor last week and they are progressing on helping him be more comfortable during the allergy season. He is going to have to have shots for a few years, but then they are thinking he will be 90% allergy free after that. If you know Joe, you know what a great thing this will be for him. Joe is also training a new partner next month. One of his friends from our fantasy football league is going to be working with him. He is excited to be getting help with his caseload.

Eli is growing up fast. He is almost five months, and he weighs about fifty pounds. He is doing really well in his novice training class, and is one of the best dogs there. His father is very proud.

Grace's first birthday is coming up fast. We were lucky enough to watch her today while Andy and Emily went to the Colts game. She came dressed in her Colts gear that Joe and I got for her. I will post some pictures. She is super cute. Eli was a little jealous of the attention that we gave her, but he was still a very good puppy.

There hasn't been any more updates on the big Headrick wedding. I will let you know what Michelle and M.J. decide. I am still hoping that they will have a wedding!

Happy Birthday Grandma (Her birthday was on the 22nd.)

Well that's the latest.



Mary Pat and McDowell's Wedding

Joe and I spent Labor Day weekend up in South Bend for a wedding. Joe's cousin, MaryPat married her sweetheart, McDowell. It was a beautiful wedding. Joe and I enjoyed ourselves. (I might have enjoyed myself a little too much!) Here are some pictures from the trip!

Here is Grace in the car seat on the way to the rehersal dinner.
We were introduced to the newest member of the family, Aidan!
The three beautiful maids of honor.
Mary Pat was stunning. This is when they were introduced as man and wife.
The Kiss!