More Christmas Pictures

We had our Hodson Christmas last night. Grace was in rare form and a big hit with all. She was very excited to open gifts. She dressed up in her dress up outfit Joe and I got her and played her guitar that she got from her Aunt Amy. She also looked stunning in a long sleeve pink colts shirt from Grandma and Grandpa. It was a great night. I am looking forward to flying home and spend some time with my family at the end of the week. My brother purchased his first home and I have yet to see it. My sister remodeled her kitchen and I haven't seen that yet either. I am really excited. I wish Joe was coming with me, but he and Eli are going to have a boys week. We are off to South Bend tomorrow to visit with Ryan and Sharon and the boys. We are also visiting some of Joe's family for the day and returning on Wednesday. The weather is going to be COLD and snowy. Eli has a date with the Doggie Daycare. I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy. Enjoy the Holidays!

Hodson Christmas Pictures


It's a Boy!

A Close Up

Thoughts Before the Big Visit

We head to the doctor's office in about an hour to see our little one on screen. I am really nervous. I just want everything to be okay. I am such a worrier that this scan has gotten me up early and here I am pondering my thoughts on my blog. It doesn't matter to me if this child is a girl or a boy, I just want a healthy baby. Most people out there think it is a girl. The chinese calendar says it is a boy. My class took a poll yesterday and all the girls think it is a girl and all the boys think it is a boy so no help there. Along with the ultrasound today, I will have a blood test to check for abnormalities such as Down Syndrome and Trisomy 18. I will also have a doctors appointment that is long overdue. Since my last appointment I have thrown up a lot and then once every two weeks, I had a child in my classroom with the Coxsacki Virus, I have blacked out, I had pink eye in both eyes, I have had a giant cold sore take over my nose and lip, and I have a mysterious rash on my tummy. It sounds awful (sometimes it is) but it is all worth it. I guess they really weren't kidding when they told me my immune system is not what is normally is during pregnancy. I am going to be relieved after this visit is over and hopefully really excited.