Jonah's First YouTube Video

Here is Jonah's YouTube Debut.


Jonah's First Birthday Party

Last weekend we celebrated Jonah's first birthday with a monkey themed party with close family members. Jonah's grandparents flew in from Idaho just like they did a year ago to spend some quality time with him. Here are a few pictures from the big day.
Jonah and his "Camera Face".  It is adorable how he gets a big grin on his face when you are taking his picture. 

Jonah didn't eat any of his cake. He didn't like the frosting on his fingers and wouldn't even taste it. Maybe next year.

Here is Jonah's "cake." I actually made 2 different kinds of cupcakes instead of a traditional cake.

This is the first kind of cupcake I made. It is a peanut butter cupcake with chocolate frosting decorated like monkeys. The other kind were banana cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting with birthday picks in them.

Here is Jonah in his adorable birthday shirt we got from Stitcheroos. He had so much fun crawling in and out of the screen door. Luckily the rain held off and we were able to enjoy being outside.

Here is Jonah and his cousin, Louis,  sitting in the wagon.

All the cousins couldn't resist taking a ride in the wagon up and down the street being pulled by PopPop.

Taking a break with Grammy and Gramps on the couch. It was a long, exciting, and perfect day!


A Year Ago Today!

My little man was born!
I can’t believe you turn a year old today.  People have always told me that they grow up fast, but I had no idea what they truly meant until I became your mom.  I wanted a child for a long, long time.  There was a point in my life that I wasn’t sure if I would be able to have kids, but I am so happy that I was able to.
Your arrival was scheduled.  We had an appointment for my cesarean section and we made it to that date.  Of course everything doesn’t always go according to plan and they had to take you a little early because your little heart rate plummeted about an hour before my scheduled surgery.  We were nervous, but I can’t explain the feeling that went through me when I heard your little cry for the very first time.  Daddy made sure you were okay and then brought you over to me so I could give you my first kiss. I haven’t been that happy in my entire life.
You have been relatively healthy this year.  We have had a rough road with your eczema and allergies, but every day your skin is looking a little better.  You have a strawberry hemangioma on your forehead that I don’t even notice anymore and should disappear before you even are able to ask what it is.  You are perfect!
From what I understand about babies, you have been an easy one.  You are happy.  Your favorite thing to do right now is to take off crawling across the floor and look back at us chasing you and laugh.  You love the camera and smile most of the time when I take your picture.  Your a little daredevil that is going to give your mom a stroke one of these days if it continues. You love sweet potatoes.
Your best friend has been your puppy Eli.  You two love each other so much.  I am amazed at how much patience Eli has with you when you poke him in the eyes all the time.  I can tell you from experience that Eli doesn’t have that kind of patience with everyone, just his little brother.
I love you more than words can possible say, and I hope one day you have a child of your own so that you can truly understand how much you mean to me.  Happy Birthday, Mommy and daddy love you!


Jonah's Recent Doctor's Visit

Jonah had his follow-up doctor's appointment a week ago to check on his weight gain and gross motor skill development.  Since the last time I posted about his doctor's concerns, Jonah has started to pull up and cruise around the table as well as bending down and picking up objects.  The doctor was pleased with his progress.  He has gained a half of a pound since his 9-month checkup and the doctor seemed okay about that.  What was concerning was the fact that Jonah has been throwing up about twice a week after eating.  The doctor sent my husband and Jonah down to the imaging center to take an inside look at Jonah's stomach to be sure that there wasn't anything we needed to be concerned about.  They took pictures and didn't see anything that would be causing Jonah to throw up.  They concluded that Jonah's gag reflex isn't fully developed yet and he will outgrow this throwing up in a few months.

I have been very cautious with over-feeding Jonah because he seems to gag more when he is full, and this week he didn't throw up at all!  That is until today.  It seems like just when I am starting to not worry about the little guy he gives me something to worry about.  I wasn't around today when he threw up (I was at the gym trying to work off those last few pregnancy pounds), so I had to rely on Joe's expertise that he overfed him.

The doctor said that the eczema on Jonah's face had gotten so bad that it is now infected.  He prescribed some cream that has been working great for the past week.  The downside of this magical cream is the price tag.  We have insurance (decent insurance) and we still had to pay $80.00 for this small tube of cream!  What exactly are my insurance premiums going towards if I still have to pay $80 on a generic prescription?  To make matters worse I accidentally left his cream on his nightstand after applying it one night and  Eli got into it (he has an obsession with steroid cream, this isn't the first, or second, tube of prescription cream that he has eaten in his lifetime) and now it comes out the sides as well as the top.  Luckily Jonah's face is looking so much better that he doesn't need it.
I can't believe how much doctors appointments scare me these days.  Every time he goes we come back with something else we need to worry about with him.  I guess worrying about him will last my lifetime!

Here are a few recent pictures, enjoy!


A Face Full of Smiles

BJ had his doctors visit this past Friday (more on that later).  Unfortunately BJ’s eczema has gotten so bad his face is infected.  He remains a very happy boy.  Here he is crawling all around the house as happy as can be.  His face is much better now that he has his prescription cream.


A Family Super Bowl

The Colts lost, but we enjoyed Jonah's first Super Bowl anyway.  We had to get a picture of the family  (football is big in our house). Congratulations New Orleans.

Jonah's skin is still looking rough in these pictures.  He is slowly doing better.  We have another doctor's appointment scheduled for Friday so hopefully we can get a Dermatologist referral.  Lets hope!


Winter Wonderland

We got hit this week with  a bunch of snow.  Jonah had a cold so we had to keep him inside.  Both Jonah and Eli were really wanting to go out and play in the snow.  Here they are looking out the front window wishing they could play.  I couldn’t resist a picture of the two of them!


The Big Game

I haven't talked much about the colts this year, but I am still a huge fan and extremely excited about the Super Bowl.  We are headed up to Noblesville to watch the big game with Joe's family.  I am so excited that Jonah's first Super Bowl has our favorite team starring in it!  The Super Bowl is always a big event in our family!  It is also a little bittersweet as today will mark the end of the football season.  Joe and I have so much fun during the season. We get a little sad thinking that we have to wait until September to watch the games again.  I will leave you with this:



Our Little Racecar Robber

Jonah has been rocking on a rocking horse at daycare and he loves it, so Joe and I went out in search of one he could have at home.  We didn't find the rocking horse, but we did find this racecar that "grows" with your child in stages.  The first stage is the rocking racecar.  Joe set it up on Saturday and Jonah has been rocking out all weekend.  On Saturday night Jonah and I were home playing when I turned my back for a second.  Jonah seized this opportunity to steal all of the magazines off of the coffee table and laugh hysterically.  I thought it was so funny I grabbed the camera and took some pictures.

I had to throw in this cute picture of Jonah and Daddy!  They are adorable.
Happy 9 month birthday my little guy!


A Headrick Christmas

We are back from Idaho and trying to get back on a schedule.  We had a great time visiting my family in Boise and Garden Valley.  Once again, my entire family (sans MJ) got food poisoning and was out for a day or so.  Meanwhile, Joe, MJ, and I watched the now infamous Colts game in a bar in Garden Valley.  I proceeded to get very upset.  We didn't let it get the best of us and went snow tubing on Monday and had a blast.  I was sore for days afterwards but it was well worth it.  Here are a few pictures from Jonah's first Christmas!