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Kenny Loggins At Large in Boise, Idaho

Besides getting married last week, I was looking forward to trying to find out where Kenny Loggins would be staying in Idaho for the start of his Sitting In Again tour. I had daydreamed about seeing his tour bus outside our hotel and running into him in the elevator. Okay, I know this wasn't likely to happen, but I had big dreams of him singing away Pooh Corner at my wedding. Well things don't happen the way we dreamed. I didn't live this fantasy, but many people in our wedding party did, including my husband Joe. I retired late on Friday evening to get some sleep before the big day. My sleep was interrupted by my husband to be at about 1:30 am. I ignored his phone call thinking I could still fall asleep and get some rest. He kept calling. Finally, I answered the phone. "Listen to your messages, Kenny Loggins left you a message!" screamed the voice on the other line. Sure enough Joe had run into Kenny at a bar in Boise and convinced him to call me. I have a message from Kenny Loggins on my cell phone! This would be the equivalent of Adam Duritz calling Joe for a little chat. What a wedding gift. Joe's cousin took a photo of Kenny talking to my cell phone, so I have proof. So, I might not have met my favorite musician (besides my husband of course), but my loved ones did. Good enough for my fantasy.


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Getting Married

I will no longer be a Miss. I will no longer be allowed to fill in the "single" box on applications. I will no longer carry the last name of Headrick. In a week I will be the new Mrs. Joseph Hodson.
I find myself wanting to get it over with. I want to be married, not just married, but married to Joe. It's funny to hear about how two people meet and fall in love. I interviewed Joe, and I don't remember it. It's amazing how a chance encounter can change a life.
We fly out to Idaho on Monday, my Father's birthday. We plan on spending some time up at the cabin with our families before it gets too crazy. We feel honored that a lot of our families and close friends are making the trip to Idaho. My cousins, and aunt and uncle from Norway are going to be in Boise. Joe's aunt living in London is also comming. It's going to be a gigantic family reunion.