Monroe Melton

I just wanted to congratulate Joe and Alison on the birth of their baby girl Monroe. She was born after a long labor and delivery at 10:58 Monday evening. She is beautiful and a very big baby weighing in at 8 pounds 15 ounces. If you know Joe and Alison you are probably very surprised that they had a baby that big. I can't wait to meet her!


More Pictures

Here is Eli in his new bed, and me at week 23 (2 weeks old) baby belly.


Cold...An Understatement

Driving to work on Friday morning I look over at my temperature gage and it says -14. I hope I will never have to see that number on there again. I don't think I have ever been that cold in my entire life. There was a school delay that day for the kiddos, teachers are not as lucky as they have to be there at their regular time. Needless to say, Indiana has been through some cold weather lately. I am already sick of the cold and I am ready for spring. I want to begin to get the baby's room put together. I am so excited. We are going to do his room in monkeys. We are just debating on what we are going to do with the stuff that is currently in the spare bedroom. We also have decided that it is a good time to teach Eli that he can not get on the furniture. It is a slow process and he doesn't understand why he has to stay in his own bed, but we are making progress. What a shock he is in for. I had a doctors appointment a week ago and I have gained 6 pounds in a month. She also was surprised at how much my stomach has grown in a month. I hope this doesn't mean that he is going to be huge. I am already feeling huge as it is. From this month on he is supposed to gain a 1/2 pound a week. That is a lot more weight to gain. I am not so much worried about gaining the weight as I am about losing it. Well I need to get to sleep so that I can finally finish this stinking portfolio that I keep putting off.



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Snow Snow Snow

I retuned today from Idaho (sans cell phone oops). I had a wonderful time. We started out by visiting my grandma and grandpa and then traveling into the snow storm up to the cabin where there was at least three feet of snow waiting for us. Scott and Kirsten were waiting for us. We had snow for two days and thought we could get snowed in, but alas we had to return to Boise on Monday. We had our Headrick Christmas on Monday with the family including Michelle and MJ. On Tuesday Michelle threw me a baby shower for the little guy (see pictures below). On Wednesday, my friends Tawnya, Kendra, Michelle and I went out to eat and visited. Tawnya just had a little girl, Alice, seven weeks ago and my friend Kendra has an eleven and six year old so they were giving me pointers about motherhood. We visited with my grandparents again and then went out with the family to our little chinese restaurant. We finished the night with a fierce Uno match and rang in the new year by sleeping through it. I arrived home today to my hubby and dog. What a great vacation. We have decided on a name for the baby, but I am not going to let the cat out of the bag until we tell our families first. Stay tuned....

Baby Shower

My sister threw me a baby shower when I was in Boise this past week. She cooked some amazing food! It was great to see my family and friends together. Thank you all so much for the gifts for the little guy! Here are some pictures.