More Nursery Pictures

The Nursery is Done!

Well, for the most part the nursery is finished. We still have a lot of stuff in the basement that we need to find homes for, and Joe needs to clean out the closet. I thought it turned out really cute. Thanks to all the people out there that sent gifts. Without you guys this would never have happened. Here are some pictures.

More Pictures

Indianapolis Baby Shower

Here are some pictures from our Baby Shower last Saturday. Thanks again to the Hodsons for throwing us one great bash.


Up All Night

So it has begun. I am officially not sleeping well. Tonight is kinda the dogs fault, but mostly I can not get comfortable. I have had numerous people tell me that this is God's way of preparing me for the lack of sleep when the baby comes. One would think that God would want me to be at my best when this baby is born, not sleep deprived and moody. I am also sick and I am staying home from school today. There is some kind of virus going around. I had 6 kids absent on Monday and 3 absent yesterday. I feel yucky, but I don't have the stomach bug yet. I am hoping that if I stay home today I won't get it. I have a doctor's appointment today. I have them every two week right now, and it will change to every week next month. I can't believe that in 7 weeks I will meet this little boy. Joe and I are slowly putting the nursery together. We have a baby shower on Saturday so hopefully we will be able to finish the nursery by Spring Break. I think it looks adorable already. We ordered a toy chest and we are getting some shelves soon. The toy chest and glider are on order and are not supposed to get here until April so hopefully they beat Jonah here. Jonah must be getting big because his movements are beginning to hurt a little bit. I was reading a story the other day to my kids and he moved. It really hurt, it felt like he was tugging on something important in there. I am beginning to think that these last weeks are going to be long ones.