Super Sunday

I can't believe the day is almost here. My Colts are going to play for the whole enchilada on Sunday! AHHHHH. It is music to my ears! I can't express the feeling I have when I think about it. I can finally say that I was right! This actually is their year!

On the school front, the kids are really testing me. I don't know why I thought they would be as good as they were with their old teacher, I guess that was rookie optimism. They are seeing what they can get away with. Right now that isn't much. I feel like a big meenie. I know that it will pay off in the end, but for now I feel like a meenie. Send good thoughts my way because right now I am frustrated.

Eli is also going through this phase. He can't go outside for more than a little while due to the really cold temperatures right now. He is going stir crazy. I have decided that he deserves a little reward, so he is going to doggie daycare on Friday. I am hoping that he will play really hard with the other doggies so that we can actually enjoy an evening taking care of Grace. Speaking of Grace, she is doing awesome. She now enjoys when we are clapping for the Colts instead of crying. She seems to be thriving and it is a joy to see her developing into a curious loving toddler.

I am exhausted. I have to do school work. I must go!


What a Year it Has Been.

Can you say, "We are going to the Superbowl?" That right. I believed in my Colts all the way to Miami. I must say that this year is looking to be my best sports year ever considering my two teams are the Indianapolis Colts and The Boise State Broncos. BEST YEAR EVER!

On the job hunt front, I received word today that I was hired as a third grade teacher in Washington Township! Now, it is only a maternity position, but it is in the school that I want to teach in so it is a great way for them to see what I can do and hire me for next year! I am really excited. I start tomorrow.

Joe starts the academy next Monday. He is really excited for a job change. This week is going so slow for him. He is still in the job hunt for a firefighting position, but there isn't any rush because he might fall in love with this new job and decide to stay. Its always good to have options.

Eli is doing very well. He is huge. We are guesstimating that he weighs about 80 pounds. He was able to play in the snow for the first time in his life last Sunday. He was a little hesitant at first, but once he realized he could eat the snow he was a very happy dog.

There are so many things to look forward to this year: two new jobs, my graduation ceremony, my sisters wedding, and Eli growing into a dog. I feel very blessed to have the friends and family that I have. May 2007 be the best year ever for you too!




I can honestly say with confidence that I am a huge Broncos fan... No not those Broncos, my Alma Matter The Boise State Broncos. If I ever had any doubt about how good of a football team we have, it all disappeared last night. Joe and I stayed up until 1:30 a.m. watching the Tostitos bowl. It was the most amazing college football game I have ever watched. I couldn't believe it when they pulled out the old statue of liberty play to win the game in OT. Go Cinderella.