Various Other Pictures

Just Grace and her Uncle Joe!
Hey Aunt Kat!
I love this window....it's just the right size for me.
Our Big Boy!
Hamburger anyone?
Dad and Eli hanging out.

Easter Pictures

Bad Blogger...Bad

Well by popular request...just kidding. I haven't forgotten, I have been busy and or too lazy to post anything in the last month. Since the last blog, I have began a new assignment as a fifth grade teacher. I have this class for 5 weeks which will bring me almost to the end of the school year. I began this last week, and so far it has been wonderful! I love these kids. I think it helps that they understand my humor. I have had a great week with them. The do or die time has come as I search for a job for next year. I sent out 20 resumes out today to potential schools. I know that Harcourt has already started interviewing for next year, so my job search has kicked into full gear. I have a big job interview fair on Wednesday, so wish me luck!

Joe has also began his new career. He graduated with TOP GUN honors from his academy class. (That means that he has the best shot in his class which is never a bad thing) He is really excited for his new position. He is now 15 minutes closer to home which is never a bad thing. Joe has also decided to go country. He is joining a country band... more details to come as I get them.

Eli is huge. He will be a year old on the 28th. I hope he doesn't grow very much more as he is already one of the biggest dogs at the dog park. He has recently been allowed to sleep on the bed. Little did we realize that if he sleeps there, only one more of us can fit on the bed ourselves. There has to be some kind of compromise.

We are spring remodeling the basement! Joe didn't like my orange and yellow color scheme so he decided to paint it. After painting we decided that we need new trim and windows, so now it has turned into chaos. I hope we can finish before my parents come into town next month.

Well, sorry for the long break from blogging. I am posting some pictures that we have from Easter and various events. I hope this finds everyone in great health!