I can't believe it is already almost December! I have another week and a half of school, and then I only have two semesters to go. I am really excited. I start student teaching on February 21st! More details should be coming on that. My mom and dad are flying in a week from Saturday. I am so thankful that they are going to come and be with me. Joe and I have a surgery consultation on Friday. I hopefully will learn more about what hospital and how long I can expect to have to stay there. I'm scared, but I am actually excited to get this over with and move on with my life.

Joe and I put up our first Christmas tree. I am so excited for Christmas. I wish I were going to Idaho, but at least we will still be able to celebrate Christmas with my family when they arrive. There is a lot to celebrate this year, but I am also looking forward to next year. So many wonderful things to look forward to.

I am also looking forward to my Mary Kay Debut Party on December 11th. I love this company and what it represents (also my skin is looking great if I do say so myself). I really hope this is something that will work out for Joe and I.

I can't stop writing without mentioning my COLTS! I told you this was our year. The next game is a home game against Tennessee, which hopefully won't be a problem. Look for them to try and pull a lot of onside kicks and a lot of little tricks. They like to do that sort of thing when they play us. I guess when you don't have to worry about making the playoffs you can be a little more gutsy! It still should be a blowout.

Love ya all,



Joe and I will be making our annual trip to South Bend for Thanksgiving. Last year on Thanksgiving we announced our engagement, and the year before that, Andy and Emily announced theirs. Needless to say, Thanksgivings are very important for us. I wish my family could be with us, and it is only a little comforting to know that they will be here in two short weeks. (Well, at least my parents). I wanted to take some time to list all of the things I am thankful for. Unfortunately, I don't mention these enough!

*I'm thankful for my wonderful husband, who loves me like I've only dreamed of being loved. He also has a lot of patience with me, for which I am also very thankful.

*I'm thankful for my family who are flying out to be with me in December. No matter how old I get, sometimes I just need my mom!

*I'm thankful for the Hodsons. I have always considered them family even before Joe and I were married, but every year I love them more!

*I'm thankful that I will soon be an aunt. I can't wait to meet you!

*I'm thankful for my friends who continue to love me in spite of me.

*I am thankful to live in America, even if George W. can sometimes make me think about moving to Norway.

*I'm thankful that Teb is going to beat cancer.

*I'm thankful for my health.

*I'm thankful that this surgery is almost over.

*I'm thankful that I have a place to call home.

I love all of you very much.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Andy and Emily got the final okay a couple of days ago. That means baby Hodson will be arriving back home to Indiana in 3-6 weeks. They are now in the process of being matched with a child. Hopefully by Thanksgiving we will know if it's a boy or a girl. This is a reminder to anyone wanting to contribute to Baby Hodsons' Love Letters: I have room for as many letters as you want to send me. Just send them to me at my email address with a picture attached. I will do the rest. I have received some beautiful letters about how this little one has touched us, how he is going to be loved, and how much we love him. Andy and Emily are excited to read every letter, so keep them coming!


The Hodson Household Updates:

Joe and I only have the trim to go with the kitchen.

I have pushed back my Mary Kay Debut Party until December 11th. My parents are coming into town, so I want to be able to have them there for the debut.

I am going crazy with homework.

Joe is going crazy with housework.

Still no word on the arrival of our niece or nephew.

Teb is still kicking butt with her cancer.

The Colts still haven't been beaten.

I'm really tired.

that's all that is going on right now. Love ya! Kat


Dreams Are Coming True!

Well just when I was feeling down, I got the greatest news that I have had in a long time. Go ahead read it for yourselves! Go to teb's page! Dreams come true! Miracles can happen. I hope that we all go into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season feeling inspired and thankful for all that we have. I know I will!



What Hump?

I enjoyed every second of that game. I enjoyed it so much that I watched it again in slow motion (Well parts of it anyways). I am going to be smiling all the way through our undefeated season, to the Championship Game!


Monday Night Madness

Only 4 hours and 10 minutes until kickoff.....


My Big Debut

So, we still haven't finished the kitchen. It seems that since we have running water, we aren't as motivated as before. We did finish painting. All there is left is the trim and the new light fixtures. We hope to be done with everything very soon. To speed things up, I have scheduled my Business Debut to be on November 22. What business, you ask? Well I am glad you asked! I am now an official Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. Joe and I have been talking about this for a little while. One of my friends sells Mary Kay, and invited me over to her house for a facial. I fell in love with the products. I also fell in love with this remarkable company. The timing seems right for me to start my business considering my one month leave of absence from work coming up. I also wanted to be established by the time I start student teaching (I can't believe that it's finally around the corner). So, here is my little business plug. I have a website link to the right under my links. If you would like to purchase any kind of skin care, or cosmetics, please do so from me! I am also inviting everyone to my business debut on November 22, at 7 pm. It will only last about an hour or so. Refreshments will be provided. Please come. I would love to have all your support (and you can see the new kitchen)!

Enough about business. So the big Colts game is tomorrow night, and I couldn't be more excited. Like I have been saying all year: This is our year! We will beat the Patriots, or I may not make it out of bed on Tuesday. There is all this hype going around about the big game. Brady was on 60 minutes. (He seems like a nice guy, but the guy has to go down). There is a big Sports Illustrated article written about the Colts and how they can't seem to beat the Patriots. We watched a good program on Inside the NFL, with Peyton Manning. There is so much hype! I'm not sure if I am going to be able to sleep tonight!