A Brand New Year

Family and Friends,
I have not been a very good blogger so far this year. I am going to try my best to update my blog more often. Joe and I had a wonderful time in Boise over Christmas. We had a great time playing games and sledding and all the fun things we do when we are at the cabin. The new year started off with some great news that may include some traveling for Joe and I. I will explain more when I get the okay from the other parties involved.
We are still in mourning over the Colts lost last weekend. Thank you for not calling me on that terrible day. My heart was broken and I wouldn't have been able to hold it together. We will have to wait until next year to talk about it.
School is going well. I found out that I will know my new placement two weeks after spring break, so about mid-April. I am hoping that I will remain in kindergarten. I am not looking forward to packing up two rooms and unpacking it all into one room. I may try to recruit help in the summer.
Joe and Eli are doing well. Eli doesn't like the winter because he doesn't get out as much as he is used to. He is also shedding right now which is awful. Joe is playing music with a bunch of different people. He is going to play in Bloomington on Friday.
We hope this finds everyone healthy and happy.