A Shower for Baby Hodson

Andy and Emily encountered their first baby ritual last night when they attended their Baby Shower. I learned a lot about babies, and felt overwhelmed by all the stuff I didn't know one needs to have a baby. I felt like Rachel on that episode of Friends where she has a baby shower and then preceds to panic. Luckily, I get to learn from Andy and Emily's baby and will build up my confidence.

I am compiling love letters to Baby Hodson if anyone would like to contribute anything. The memory book will be a gift to the little one after he/she arrives from Africa. I want this baby to know how special he is, and how loved he is. Please email me your letters and attach pictures of your families as well. I have a good start, but I can never have too many!

The Colts have a bye week, so I am determined to finish the kitchen today. I'll let you know how that goes!


Shelby and I. Don't ask! Posted by Picasa

Nadine and Lucy, looking cute! Posted by Picasa

The Diaper Genie, Yeah! Posted by Picasa

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The Parents With Both Types of Diapers. Andy Wants to Try Cloth Ones! Posted by Picasa


Joe and I at Janis' wedding in Chicago! Posted by Picasa

Weekly Update!

Joe has given us running water! Only three weeks later, and I can finally cook a meal in the kitchen. It isn't done just yet, but the major components of the kitchen are put together. I still have to put on a second coat of paint, and do the trim. Joe has to change the light fixtures. Almost!

Joe and I have been enjoying the colts victories. There isn't going to be a lot to talk about this weekend as the Colts have a bye week. But don't worry! The week after that is the Monday Night Football Game that we have been looking forward to since last year when we lost to New England on opening day. We will prevail this time. Down with the Pats!

We went to Chicago last weekend for a friends wedding. As it is football season, and that is the only sport that consumes me, I didn't realize that there was the World Series in town. We were given updates by our server all night as to who was winning. They actually believed that the entire world wants the Sox to win! Now, I am a Cubbies fan, (when I am paying attention) and Cubbies fans do not like the Sox. I held my tongue and smiled at the lady. This must have satisfied her, because she came back a few times during the reception to update us on the score. Needless to say, Chicago was exciting last weekend.

This weekend is a celebration for Baby Hodson! We still don't know if we are going to get a niece or a nephew, but we know it will be in the next couple of months! I am so excited! Happy Birthday future daddy. (Andy's birthday was on Sunday).

Well that is the update on our lives.

Please keep Teb in your thoughts and prayers.

Love Kat


Monday Night Football

This post will be written in the official colors of the Colts,white and "speed" blue!

I like it! I love it! I want some more of it!

How about those unbeaten COLTS! Joe, Mike, Amy, and I dared to go with 57,000 others to the Monday Night Football game in Indianapolis last night. We were not disappointed. Okay, it might have been a disappointing first quarter, but I never lost faith in my men. I think that they might have been in shock for the first quarter, because they came back with a vengeance, a 45 to 28 point vengeance. We are still unbeaten (the only unbeaten team.) I was also fortunate enough to be present for the historic Harrison, Manning hookup number 86 that place them alone at the top of the list for the NFL all-time touchdown hookup for a tandem. I remember watching the Rice, Young record being made when I was a child. I am grateful to the Hodsons for allowing me to be there in person for this one!

Amy and I at the game. We Love Dallas Clark! This was the score when we knew it was in the bag.
P.S. I didn't mention the Notre Dame game on purpose. Joe is severely devastated by the game, and is still trying to find a way to give the victory to the Irish. Please do not bring it up for several more months until he can forget he was at that game.


Our Old Ugly Kitchen. Posted by Picasa

Isn't he cute with his toolbelt? Posted by Picasa

Caution! Men at Work. Posted by Picasa

We have cabinets! Look at the Change. Posted by Picasa

Kitchen Update

Joe has been working really hard to finish the kitchen. We have had help from Joe's brother, Andy, and his partner at work, Josh. Thank you so much for all the help. We still don't have a kitchen yet, but I think we might by the end of the week. Joe is planning on going to the Notre Dame, USC game this Saturday, so I plan on doing the finishing touches while he is away. We have been eating fast food all week, except for Sunday when Emily and Andy brought us some meatloaf and vegetables. Thank you sooo much. It felt great having real food in our systems. Here are a few pictures.


Kitchen Be Gone!

I am so excited to get rid of that ugly kitchen floor. Joe has been working his little butt off the past two days demolishing the kitchen. Today, Joe, Andy, and Joe's partner at work Josh, are coming to lay the new tile! We found some interesting color choices underneath the cabinets. There was some really ugly flowered wallpaper from the 70's, and an even uglier floor tile. Joe took some pictures of it that I will try to post soon. The only thing that I don't like is not having a kitchen right now. We are eating a lot of take out.

In the medical news, my insurance company wouldn't pay for the Lupron, so I was going to go ahead and pay for it myself. The problem with that is that for one dose of Lupron it costs,(and I am not joking) $1742.00! It took me a while to grasp just how much that is. It is literally worth its weight in gold! So, needless to say, I am going to do something else. The doctor wants my periods stopped, so I am looking at going on the pill. I can't stand being on the pill. I get moody and gain weight, but I gotta do this for a few months. Well I have to go help Joe. Love ya!


Winter Clothes

Hey friends and family. I am organizing a clothing drive within the department. As the nights have quickly become colder, I have had a lot of my homeless guys display frustration with their inability to get adequate clothes for the weather. I just had a guy come in to my office wearing a T-shirt. He had slept outside all night. My car had frost on it this morning. This is the time of year that those of us that are more fortunate are getting out our winter clothes and deciding that we need a new coat, sweater, etc. I know a lot of people that could use our old stuff... If you have any winter clothes that you will not be using anymore, please set them aside and I will can pick them up sometime soon. I can promise they will be going to someone who REALLY needs them. Items needed:
Gloves (we can never have too many of these!)
Anything else that can keep you warm on the streets.
**I do not work with children, nor do many of my "clients" have any children, so I do not really have use for any childrens clothes. You may still give these to me and I can give them to the Horizon House, who I trust will get them to someone who really needs them.**Thanks much.