Harcourt Closing

A link to a video of my school's closing. If you watch closely you can see my butt
dance with a couple of my kindergarteners. I am in a red and white shirt.

Harcourt Closing Link

I will really miss those kids. (But I am so glad for the summer!)



Kat Who?

It's been a while so here is an update on the Hodson Household. Eli turned two on Monday. He picked out some great peanut butter woofers for his birthday from the dog bakery. He doesn't act any more grown up, but he actually didn't try to eat the last stranger that came into our house so things are looking up.
Joe just got back from a trip to Nashville Tenn. to play music in front of some big wigs. He really enjoyed the experience. He is playing with three different bands at the moment and is keeping himself busy. The mini 500 marathon is this weekend, and he is supposed to play at that. His job is going well, he even made it on the news a little while back. I am a very proud wifey.
I found out that I will be teaching kindergarten again next year (awesome). I will be at Spring Mill Elementary, in A.M/P.M. kindergarten, and in one school (even more awesome. The sad part is that I am going to have to pack and move two rooms into one over the summer. I am getting anxious for the end of school and the beginning of summer break. I have a lot of classes and seminars that I will be taking over the summer. I am, however, taking time to visit Idaho for two weeks in July and Michigan for a couple of days. We probably won't be doing much else as far as traveling this year. We are anticipating a very long trip next year to Africa! We are in the beginning stages of looking at remodeling our bathroom over the summer. We have gotten a quote from someone to do it, but we might just decide to do it ourselves.
We are anticipating our Primary Election on Tuesday. It is funny that for a state who nobody thought mattered, we are getting a lot of attention right now. I am getting at least one ad in the mail everyday for either Obama or Clinton. I am so excited to vote! I can't wait until November.

That's all for now.