June has found Joe and I very busy. I have taken a lot of workshops and have been busy packing and moving and now unpacking my two rooms. Joe has been playing out a lot. I didn't get a chance to see him at all last weekend due to his gigs out of town. We are doing great, and we are celebrating our third anniversary tomorrow. I can't believe that it has been that long since our wedding. We are anticipating our vacations in July. First we will head to Idaho. Joe will be staying 6 days and I will be staying almost two weeks. We are going to go on a zip line adventure that lasts about three hours. After we get home, I will have a few more workshops and then we head to Portage Michigan with Joe's family. This will be our third summer that we join the O'Connors for the week. Eli is doing fine. We are bringing him to the vet yet again for a rash (takes after his mom). We are having our bathroom remodeled this weekend. Well, part of it this weekend. We didn't want to finance this project, so we are doing in in phases. Phase one is to redo the tiling and paint the ceiling and walls. We will also get the tub re-glazed. As our facet has been dripping recently, it will be a welcome change. We will do the floor and the vanity in Octoberish. I can't wait to finally take a bath in my own home. I will post pictures of the new bathroom soon. I hope this finds everyone healthy and happy.