A Long Couple of Weeks

Traveling between schools sucks. It just plain sucks. I have been eating in my car on the way over so that I have time to eat. I don't have the room set up yet, it is so empty. I don't really even have anything to set the room up with! This school thing is stressful and exhausting, but I love it. My afternoon class is so sweet. There are 20 kids in my class, and they are all excited to be at school (except one little girl who cries all the time). My morning class is awful. There are 27 of them and they still don't quite grasp the concept of school yet. I am really struggling with how to go about teaching in this classroom. It is really hard when you only have two hours with them and it takes over 15 minutes to go to the bathroom. But, I have gotten more hugs in the past two weeks than I have gotten all year. I have gotten smiles and "Hi, Mrs. Hodson's" that will melt your heart. They really are special.
Joe and I have had a hard time making time for each other lately. I am working all the time, and Joe has his late night sweeps. We are taking time off today to draft our fantasy football team for the 2007 season. We do this every year, and have a great time together. I am very lucky to have such a supportive husband.
Eli is too big. The vet said he has to lose 5 pounds which would bring him down to 85 pounds. He also has a mysterious allergy that is causing a bunch of bumps all over his body. The vet hadn't seen it before (never a good thing). So, $300 later, he is on antibiotics and has had a cortisone shot.
Football season is starting. My sister and her husband are going to fly out from Idaho and join us for a game in October. We are really excited. I am looking for a repeat from last year. The Colts can do it!



Another Twist

So... I am now teaching at two different schools. In the mornings I am at Harcourt, and in the afternoon I am at Wyandotte. Nothing like another twist after school has started. I am exhausted. I have worked more than 60 hours last week, and now with yet another room to set up I will be working about that again. I am also tutoring after school for two hours so that I can quit Mama's. I hate to quit that restaurant, but I have to for my own sanity. I am hoping that they will let me come back during the summer. Sorry about the short update, but I have to get some sleep.


Michelle's Pictures

Check out these great photos and more of them at Michelle's Page. I love them!


Thank God!

Okay.... so all of my moaning and complaining and stress finally paid off. I GOT A JOB! I am the new kindergarten teacher at Harcourt Elementary School in Washington Township. I just found out that I was hired last Wednesday night, and I just found out I would be teaching kindergarten yesterday. I am really excited. Joe and I tackled the big mess (that was left in my room by the past teacher) earlier today. I will head on over tomorrow (my mother in-law graciously volunteered to help) for another day of just trying to sort out what to do next. School starts Wednesday. Unfortunately I am in meetings from sun up to sunset on Monday so really I have tomorrow and Tuesday to put my room together. A new (good) stress! Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this tough time. I understand now more than ever how much you all mean to me. I love you.