To Jonah on his Second Birthday!

I can not believe that it has been two years since you were born.  I walked into that hospital with so much anticipation, wanting nothing more than to be a mom.  What I got was the most beautiful, kind, sweet boy full of life who has made me much more than just a mom.  Being your mom has made me a more loving, compassionate human being and I can not thank you enough!
This year you have developed a carefree personality.  You have learned to walk, talk, and throw an amazing tantrum.  You love playing "Night, Night Ball" with daddy.  You can not live without balls, trucks, choo choo's, bubble baths and Mickey Mouse.You love playing with your cousins and you love your puppy, Eli!
Your favorite thing to do is to play with balls.  You haven't met a ball you haven't liked.  You and daddy have so much fun together playing with your football.
You love your daddy!  He can make you laugh so much you have a hard time catching your breath.
Your smile can light up a room.  Your carefree personality amazes me, I wish that I had even a pinch of that.
Every day you learn more and more words.  Sometimes you can get frustrated because we don't understand what you are trying to tell us, but you are building your vocabulary every day!  We can't tell if you are right or left-handed yet.  You like to color and eat with your left hand, but then just when we think your a lefty you will switch it up on us.  You love to watch Mickey Mouse and Jake and if we let you, you could sit and watch your shows for hours!
You have been a picky eater in your short life.  You only eat certain foods, but luckily the list is getting longer every month.  Your favorites are chicken fingers, spaghetti o's, applesauce and pizza.  You love your Elmo juice, but you drink a lot of milk!  You also will eat peas only if we call them "little green balls."
You love your family with all your little heart.  You love playing basketball with Pop Pop, coloring with Grandma M, playing with your cousins Louis, and Grace and visiting your family in Idaho.  We love to Skype with Grandma and Grandpa, and you love visiting them in Boise.  You and your dad love to dance to Rock Roll as you look for balloons when you drive home from daycare.  We love to cook together and we have a special Mommy and Me night once a week when daddy is at work.  We love to rock together at night and you love it when I sing the Winnie the Pooh song to you!
Happy Birthday little man.  I am so excited to see how much you grow this next year as you get ready for preschool.  I can't imagine a more amazing life than the one you have given me.  I love you!