The beginning of the End.

Graduation Day!
I have begun my last semester in college! The first day of school was very interesting. I have never been such an advocate for preschool or daycare in my life. I had a couple of interesting events happen on the first day of kindergarten. One of which had me chasing a couple of boys who were screaming at the top of their lungs down the hallway as they were trying to escape. It was interesting to say the least. After the tears were wiped away, the first week was a lot of fun. It is so different from my semester with the fourth graders. In kindergarten, we get to sing a lot of songs and dance around the room. We get to participate in dramatic play, (ie. The pretend kitchen and nursery) the art center, and our own little library where we get to read to green bear! Very exciting. I am actually looking forward to getting back to those little guys after our classes are over.

Eli is growing up. Literally growing. He grew 11 pounds in three weeks. He is now four months old and 36 pounds. He is healthy, and is now has all of his shots. We are awaiting his neutering in October. He graduated from puppy class, and novice class starts on the 30th. Joe and I are very proud. We are really excited to announce that he is finally housebroken! Looking back, it really didn't take that long, but it seemed like it when we were cleaning up after him several times a day.

We are going up to SouthBend over labor day weekend to celebrate the wedding of Joe's cousin MaryPat. We are really excited to welcome McDowell into the family. After that weekend, we dont plan on leaving until after I am done with school. (Except for a Hodson Girls weekend in October)

I hope this finds you all well and happy!



Happy 30th Birthday Michelle!


Portage Pictures

A night of cocktails after my fishing trip.
The Hodson clan at Portage.

Quieting Grace.

Maureen with the newest addition to the Watts' family. (okay, the second newest addition. We haven't met Aidan yet!)

In all the recent traveling that Joe and I did, I forgot to post some pictures of our trip to Portage Michigan. My In-laws visit this resort every July, and we were finally able to join them for the first time this year. I loved this little place. It is very reminiscent of the resort in Dirty Dancing. Joe and I lived in a cute little "Doll House" while we stayed. I love family traditions. I love the fact the the Headrick's have Terrace Lakes, and now I can see that same type of tradition with the Hodson's at Portage. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Hanging out on the porch of the dollhouse.


Even More Good News!

I just found out that my best friend from back home is married and pregnant! I am so happy for her. Kim and Loyd have been dating forever (even before Joe and I started dating). They got married in Vegas over this past weekend, and just found out that they are expecting. Things happened very fast once they made a decision to make the commitment. I am very excited for her. Kim is a great friend, who was one of my bridesmaids. We have been friends since the fourth grade when her family moved next door. I couldn't be happier for her!


The Big Exciting News!

Okay folks,

Here is the big news! My sister, Michelle, is getting married! Yuppie! You can read all about it on her blog. I am so very excited to welcome Michael (MJ) into this crazy family. My family keeps growing and I am so very thankful that it is.

Congratulations Michelle and MJ.

P.S. I am going to talk you into having a wedding. It's the best night of your lives!


Dallas Pictures

Me inside the new Pink Cadillac.
Joe and the Ladies!
The Girls Before the Big Awards Night.
Joe and I in Dallas! (Isn't he dreamy?)

Back Home in Indiana!

We are finished traveling! Boy, it feels good to be home. Well, actually it would feel better if our air conditioning didn't break while we were gone to Dallas. It is hot. Hot, HOT, HOT. And even hotter in our little house. We have someone coming in tomorrow to look at it. I feel nasty. Our trip to Dallas was fantastic. I got to meet some MK celebrities, and I learned a lot about how to run my business. I am looking forward to selling some product. I need to get this rolling soon because I start my last semester and student teaching next Monday. I can't wait. My last semester. I have been wanting to type those words in this blog for a long time. Kindergarten here I come.

Eli is growing like a weed! He is already about 30 pounds and he is showing no signs of stopping. He is doing very well in his puppy classes. He should be graduating in 2 weeks. Joe has been working really hard training him. I have found that I am not really good at it. Eli will give me one of his cute puppy looks and I just melt and let him have his way. This is why Joe does the training.

Andy and Emily are both going back to school next Monday. That means that Grace is going to go to her first day of daycare really soon. I think that the days of Grace being very healthy might be coming to an end. All those germs at daycare. But, she can now build up her little immune system, and become more social with the other little kidos. I can't believe how fast she is growing. She is now very mobile and you really have to pay attention to where she is going.

Joe says "Hi!" He has his last show with five apples last week. He is holding up pretty good. I still think that the depresses will hit him in about a month. He has to play music to be happy!

I have wonderful news, but I can't tell you what it is yet. You'll have to check back soon when I get permission to tell you all! I am so very excited and happy about it. (I know, what a cliff hanger)

Love ya,