Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas!
Joe, Kathy, and Eli

We are off to Idaho this morning! Or at least we hope we are off as we are going through Denver and the most congested airport of the season. We are scheduled for an on time departure and arrival so we will see. We are anxious to see the white stuff! It doesn't seem like Christmas without it. From what it sounds like, Boise has a lot of it. We will be returning on New Years Eve, so if I don't write until then, have a happy New Year!


Birthday Pictures

Hanging out having a good time!
Joe's mom got him this great cake!
No idea!

Birthday's and Graduation

Happy 30th Birthday Joe!

We celebrated in style at our house with a few close friends and cake. I am really excited for Joe to enter his thirties. I hear it is great! I feel so blessed and excited that we are together taking this journey. I love you!

I am now a college graduate. It feels funny to say that. I have been in school since I was four and now I have (or rather will have) a piece of paper that shows that I am done. Well in all reality, I will be back at some point in the near future. I am now trying to find a job. I have gone back to substitute teaching. Hopefully I will find something soon.

We are very excited to be going to Idaho in a couple of weeks. I haven't been home since June, and I am missing my family very much. We are also very excited to have a full house for Christmas this year. Michelle, M.J., Scott, Angie, Mom, Dad, Joe, Grandma, Grandpa, and myself will all be together. I am looking forward to the cabin, a lot of snow, pinnacle, trivial pursuit, shuffleboard, and great conversation for a week. This is my favorite time of year!

I hope this finds everyone in good health. Good luck with the holidays!