Birthday Weekend

I had a wonderful birthday weekend.  On Friday I went out to dinner with the Hodsons.  I had a great burger and enjoyed yummy cupcakes from the Flying Cupcake!  On Saturday we went shopping at my favorite store (Costco) and hung out at home.  Jonah received an activity center from Andy, Em, and Grace and was extremely excited to play in it (he also received a bouncy doorway jumper that we haven't tried out yet, lucky guy)!  Grace joined us for an unexpected sleepover last night.  We had a great time last night and woke up to birthday donuts!  Here are a few pictures from the weekend. 



First Bites

We started Jonah on cereal last week during which we decided to take a few photographs of his first brush with solid food.  Here we go...

In it goes.
What is this!
This isn't so bad.
A little more please.
What is that?
The clean up crew!
Mommy, Eli likes me after all!
Back to the good stuff. 
That was fun!  When do we do it again?

P.S. Jonah rolled over for the first time yesterday!  Look how fast he is growing up!