School is tough! I am so worn out. I am sick today. Mostly it may be a mental health day, but my body too is worn out. I am exhausted. Life is good though. I love my job (I better since I spend over 60 hours a week there). I love my wonderful husband (he has cooked every night and taken Eli to the dog park). Eli is as wonderful as ever. Life is good.
Michelle and MJ are visiting next month. I am so excited. We are also celebrating the dreaded 30th birthday that weekend. I am glad that my sister is going to be with me for this. I don't know what it is such a big deal, but as it approaches I need all the support I can get. My Grandma's birthday is tomorrow. I wish I was there with you to celebrate! I miss my family so much. That is something I will never get used to living here in Indiana. Well, I better go. I am still not feeling quite so well. I hope everyone is happy and healthy out there in cyber land.