The Two Cutest Kids Ever!

Come on, I mean does anyone stand a chance with these two kiddos?  

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Grandma Maureen!


Four Months Old

Sorry I haven't written lately.  School started and I have been exhausted.  Jonah is four months old today.  It is hard to believe that he is already four months old and that he is only four months old at the same time.  He is such a happy boy.  It seems like he is constantly smiling and laughing.  He is getting two teeth, and is still gaining weight rapidly.  I can't imagine my life without him.  Happy four months baby boy.  I am so proud to be your Mommy!   I will post some recent photos soon with a longer update when I am not so exhausted.  


It's a Boy!

Andy, Emily, and Grace received their phone call yesterday.  They are officially expecting a baby boy. He is about 8-10 months old and his name is Edilu Hodson.  They are planning on calling him Louis.  The travel plans are tentative at the moment but we are thinking that they will be traveling (with Grace) to Ethiopia around October.  I am very excited to be an Aunt to a little boy.  Jonah is going to love having another cousin.  These Holidays are going to be wonderful with two new boys in the Hodson family.  Congratulations Andy, Emily, Grace, and Edilu!



We're back from our vacation to Idaho.  We had a wonderful time.  It all began last Thursday evening when we took off from Indy to Boise via Denver.  Jonah was a champ!  He was perfect the entire way.  I am thinking that maybe the older they get the worse the plane flights are.  Who knows, but I was pleasantly surprised.  On Friday morning we got up and visited my grandma and grandpa at their house in Boise before heading up to our cabin in the mountains.  We spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at the cabin playing golf, reading, playing games, swimming, and hanging out together as a family.  My brother, sister, and my parents enjoyed getting to know Jonah better!  He dazzled them with his smile and his laughter.  I was able to knit a little and do some summer reading, a big treat for a new mom. My two great friends from my high school days came up and visited us at the cabin.  Between the three of s we have four kids now.  I loved hanging out with all of our families.  We went back to Boise Monday evening.  On Tuesday my brother took Joe and I floating down the Boise river while the grandparents babysat.  It was so relaxing.  It was about 85 degrees and sunny, perfect!  We showed Jonah off for the next couple of days and headed back to Indy on Thursday.  Once again Jonah was an angel on his flight home arriving at 1 in the morning on Friday.  We had a great time.  Jonah is off his schedule, but we are working hard getting him back into the swing of things.  His rash is much better, but he has really dry skin where the rash was right now.  The soy formula didn't seem to help, so we moved to the hypoallergenic formula.  He seems to be doing much better on that.  I will have to continue to pump breast milk to offset some of the cost, but I know it is in the best interest of my child.  I will have to learn how to make it work when school starts.
Speaking of school, I went in to my classroom to get it ready on Friday while Joe hung out with Jonah and Eli.  I am so excited about how I organized my books (fellow teachers will appreciate this).  I found some inexpensive magazine files at IKEA and organized all of my books, labeling them for the entire year according to subject.  I might take a picture of it just to show you how great it looks.  I had to rearrange some shelving but it looks fantastic.  I feel organized.  I meet with some of my new kindergarten students next week.  I am really getting excited about the new school year.  My two teacher friends and I went to Cincinnati today to buy some clothes and some things for our classrooms.  I had a great time!  I feel so lucky to have great friends and family.  I hope this finds everyone healthy and happy!

Jonah and I visited Emily and Grace before we left for Idaho.  I made Grace a tutu and here she is modeling it for us!
Peace and Rock and Roll!
Grandma giving Jonah a bath.
The family at the Payette river. 
Tia, Grandma, and Jonah. 
Grandpa and Jonah

I wanted to take this "Blaine" picture ever since Jonah was born.  Blaine Oscar Headrick, Michael Blaine Headrick, and Jonah Blaine Hodson.  Three generations of Blaines.
Jonah and Dad relaxing at the cabin. 
Joe and dad getting ready to chainsaw a big tree that fell on the lot. 
Jonah and Alice
Kathy, Jonah, Kendra, Nataya, Trace, Tawnya, and Alice
Kendra and Alice
We had 5 dogs up at the cabin.
Kirsten, Scott, and Jonah
Aunt Michelle
The great-grandparents
Jonah loved great-grandma!