Jonah is 6 Months

Jonah has been sick this past couple of days.  I have been a mess trying to cope with Jonah coughing and sneezing.  He doesn't have a temperature so that is good.  Today he was smiling and very happy so I think it is on its way out.  I hope so.  Here are some pictures of the two minutes Jonah had his Halloween costume on.  It was difficult for him to get on and off and it was really warm.  So here is my little monster:


Pumpkin Patch 09

We had our second annual pumpkin patch trip to Stoney Creek Farm today.  Joe, Grace, Jonah, Grandma, Grandpa Hodson, and I all met at the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and have a lot of fun.  Grace was a year older, and she wanted to try a little of everything this time.  She did the bouncy floor, train ride, pony ride, haunted maze, pumpkin patch ride, and the hay stack.  She also helped me pick out the perfect pumpkin for Jonah.  I really enjoy this event every year.  I hope this is a tradition that we can continue for years to come.  Enjoy the pictures!


Orphanage Donation Items

Ethiopia Orphanage Donation Items Needed

*Baby wipes
*Preemie, Infant and toddler size diapers
*Semilac formula milk in powder form. Semilac with iron and lactose free are preferred
*Anti fungal ointment and tablets
* Bed Sheets, bed covers, crib sheets, draw sheets (for infant cribs and older chid home)
*Medical shoe covers (worn in hospitals during surgery)
*Anti-fungal shampoo
*Neosporin or antibiotic ointment
*Hydrocortisone creams
*Infant and child Motrin, Tyenol or other fever reducer
*Pedialyte or Kaolyte (preferable powdered form)
*Infant and chid decongestants
*Infant and child vitamins, liquid
*Children's Vitamin D supplements (found in several multivitamins)
*Infant Clothing
*Bactoban Ointment
*Alcohol Swabs
*Saline spray or drops
*Petroleum Jelly
*Nystantin (Mycostatin)
*Standard bottle nipples
*New or like new children's shoes
*New or like new children's clothing (infant to 14 years of age)
*Developmental toys for children
*Baby Shampoos
*Baby bath soap
*Baby oil
*Baby powder
*Disposable surgical masks and gloves
*School supplies
*Books for very young children (Board books and easy readers)
*Polaroid Film

Almost 6 Months

On Tuesday Jonah and I will go to his doctor's appointment for his 6 month checkup.  The months have flown by.  I am also hoping to get some 6 month pictures taken of my little guy.  He is doing great.  He is belly laughing at people.  He loves his doggie.  He loves putting toys in his mouth.  He loves hanging out with his daddy.  He loves when mommy sings to him.  He is an amazing little boy.  Yesterday I tried baby food for the first time.  He loved eating the sweet potatoes even more than the cereal!  Hopefully we have an agreeable eater on our hands.

Joe is doing great!  His band was just chosen to perform at the Vouge for the Broad Ripple Music Festival.  One of his goals in his life was to perform at this venue, so I am so proud and happy for him.  

Eli has 2 more months of the drug trial.  He is looking really good!  The only bad thing is that this drug won't be available until December 2010, so we won't be able to get our hands on it until then. At least we found something that works.  

School is going great.  I have a wonderful group of kids.  They want to make a quilt this year so my mom has graciously offered to help us.  I find it difficult to balance home and work, but every day gets a little bit better.  

There isn't an update on Edilu's arrival yet.  Hopefully we will hear soon!