Merry Christmas

Joe, Eli, and myself wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Love Kat


A Long Wait

I don't have a voice. I haven't had a voice since Monday. It is not very good to be a kindergarten teacher without a voice. Even worse is being a Colts fan without a voice. I hope it is back by Sunday. Needless to say, I have been sick. The last time I got sick was last November. I have to remember to take extra vitamins next year. Everyone is doing fine. Joe is having a great time this month with all of his special days off (Election Day, Vetren's Day, and Thanksgiving). Eli is healthy, finally! He is so big. He did well with me even though I had to whisper to him for the past few days. He still knew when I was mad at him even though I had to whisper. Joe and I have looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving in Noblesville, and Christmas in Boise. We even had a few snowflakes today to set the mood for the Holidays. I had an interesting week at school that I will tell you about if you ask. Well, I am at school tutoring so I should go. I hope this finds you very well.



Update and Pictures

My Beautiful 30th Birthday Cake
Joe, Michelle, M.J., and I at the Colts Game.
Joe and I at the Wedding in South Bend.
The Hodson Family.
The Beautiful Bride and Groom.

Well, I am 30. It really isn't that bad. I had a great couple of weeks. We went to South Bend Indiana for a wedding over my birthday weekend. We had a great time. Then the next weekend my sister and brother in law came in. We celebrated my birthday and went to a Colts game. They kicked butt. After the game we came back to watch the BSU Broncos Beat New Mexico 50 something to nothing. We stopped watching at halftime and played a mean game of Monopoly until 2 in the morning. I had so much fun. The next day we went to the zoo before Michelle and MJ had to leave for Boise. This past weekend was Grace's 2nd Birthday. We babysat her during the day (Lucky Us!) and then partied all night. I am really enjoying my thirties. Here are some Photos.



School is tough! I am so worn out. I am sick today. Mostly it may be a mental health day, but my body too is worn out. I am exhausted. Life is good though. I love my job (I better since I spend over 60 hours a week there). I love my wonderful husband (he has cooked every night and taken Eli to the dog park). Eli is as wonderful as ever. Life is good.
Michelle and MJ are visiting next month. I am so excited. We are also celebrating the dreaded 30th birthday that weekend. I am glad that my sister is going to be with me for this. I don't know what it is such a big deal, but as it approaches I need all the support I can get. My Grandma's birthday is tomorrow. I wish I was there with you to celebrate! I miss my family so much. That is something I will never get used to living here in Indiana. Well, I better go. I am still not feeling quite so well. I hope everyone is happy and healthy out there in cyber land.



A Long Couple of Weeks

Traveling between schools sucks. It just plain sucks. I have been eating in my car on the way over so that I have time to eat. I don't have the room set up yet, it is so empty. I don't really even have anything to set the room up with! This school thing is stressful and exhausting, but I love it. My afternoon class is so sweet. There are 20 kids in my class, and they are all excited to be at school (except one little girl who cries all the time). My morning class is awful. There are 27 of them and they still don't quite grasp the concept of school yet. I am really struggling with how to go about teaching in this classroom. It is really hard when you only have two hours with them and it takes over 15 minutes to go to the bathroom. But, I have gotten more hugs in the past two weeks than I have gotten all year. I have gotten smiles and "Hi, Mrs. Hodson's" that will melt your heart. They really are special.
Joe and I have had a hard time making time for each other lately. I am working all the time, and Joe has his late night sweeps. We are taking time off today to draft our fantasy football team for the 2007 season. We do this every year, and have a great time together. I am very lucky to have such a supportive husband.
Eli is too big. The vet said he has to lose 5 pounds which would bring him down to 85 pounds. He also has a mysterious allergy that is causing a bunch of bumps all over his body. The vet hadn't seen it before (never a good thing). So, $300 later, he is on antibiotics and has had a cortisone shot.
Football season is starting. My sister and her husband are going to fly out from Idaho and join us for a game in October. We are really excited. I am looking for a repeat from last year. The Colts can do it!



Another Twist

So... I am now teaching at two different schools. In the mornings I am at Harcourt, and in the afternoon I am at Wyandotte. Nothing like another twist after school has started. I am exhausted. I have worked more than 60 hours last week, and now with yet another room to set up I will be working about that again. I am also tutoring after school for two hours so that I can quit Mama's. I hate to quit that restaurant, but I have to for my own sanity. I am hoping that they will let me come back during the summer. Sorry about the short update, but I have to get some sleep.


Michelle's Pictures

Check out these great photos and more of them at Michelle's Page. I love them!


Thank God!

Okay.... so all of my moaning and complaining and stress finally paid off. I GOT A JOB! I am the new kindergarten teacher at Harcourt Elementary School in Washington Township. I just found out that I was hired last Wednesday night, and I just found out I would be teaching kindergarten yesterday. I am really excited. Joe and I tackled the big mess (that was left in my room by the past teacher) earlier today. I will head on over tomorrow (my mother in-law graciously volunteered to help) for another day of just trying to sort out what to do next. School starts Wednesday. Unfortunately I am in meetings from sun up to sunset on Monday so really I have tomorrow and Tuesday to put my room together. A new (good) stress! Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this tough time. I understand now more than ever how much you all mean to me. I love you.




What Am I Going To Do Now?

Frustration has set in! I am so upset over the current situation with my old school. First the principal retires, now the assistant principal (who is a reference for me by the way) is no longer at the school. I have written to the new principal who said that she will review my application and if I am a finalist I will have an interview. Well, I haven't gotten the interview. I was counting on this interview. I worked very hard at that school for five months. I love those kids there, and I haven't been given a chance to stay with them. I want to scream and cry. My moral is really low. At this point, I don't see much of a chance of me getting a job for next year. I can't believe all my hard work has gotten me to this point. I am upset!


Back From the Mountains and the Lake

We are back in Indianapolis. My sister's wedding was wonderful. I have a lot of great pictures but I only have room for a few on this blog, so if you want to see more let me know and I can email them to you! I will write more about our trips later. For now enjoy the pictures.


More Pictures from the Fourth!

Fourth of July

We celebrated the Fourth of July twice this year. On July 3rd we went to Conner's Prairie for their symphony on the prairie Independence Day Celebration. It was a great time even if it took over two hours to get there (we only drove 4 miles). We drove to Noblesville for a cookout on the fourth. Grace loved the fireworks. Here are a couple of pictures from the festivities.


Summer Pictures

Joe and I on our anniversary
Our big boy!
"Bye Bye!"
"Watcha doing Aunt Kat?"
"BIKE!" (Grace's favorite words right now are "bike", and "elbow.")

Our Second Aniversary

Joe and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on Monday. We were going to spend a lovely evening at home and then were surprised by a gift of the Melting Pot. We enjoyed ourselves. I love eating at the Melting Pot. It is my favorite place to go for just the two of us. I can't believe it have been two years already. The time has flown by. I can't wait for my sister to experience married life. There is just something special about it. Speaking of my sister. I am flying to Boise in two weeks to spend some time with family, and to see my big sis get hitched. I haven't seen my sister or my brother since Christmas, so I am really excited to go home. I am also excited to get out of the house. I am going crazy without working very much. I really need a job. I haven't had any interviews yet, but everyone keeps telling me that they really start hiring at the end of July, so I am trying to hang in there. I will post some current pictures that I have taken. I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy.



A little less stressed

So as I have been told my last post was not very optimistic. I realize that. I wish I could say that I have a job, but I don't yet. The good news is that I have had a couple interviews with a charter school in the southern part of Indianapolis. It may not be exactly what I was looking for, but at least it is something. Everyone keeps telling me that they are not going to be hiring until July, so I am staying calm until then. I might try a yoga class. I think that is a good idea. So, please don't worry about me. I will survive. I am sure I will find a job. I just need a little extra patience.

Love you all,




That's right, I am stressed. I can't stop thinking about getting a job this summer for next year. I don't know what I am going to do if I can't find a job. And to add fuel to my stress fire, the principal of the school I have been at for the past five months is retiring. Now I don't know if I will even get an interview with that school. AHHHHH! My poor husband is trying to keep me calm, but I seem to get upset easily. I have cried on several occasions for no good reason. I have lost weight (one good side effect). I hate this. I am going tomorrow for a massage (thank you Sharon Watts for the gift certificate). I hope to control this stress soon, if I don't it is going to be a long summer.


P.S Happy Birthday Mike (60th)


Graduation, Mother's Day, and Misc Pictures

The Headrick's at Mother's Day
The Hodson's on Mother's Day
Joe and I after Graduation
Moving is Fun!
My Parents and I before Graduation.
Aviator Dog.
Having fun before walking.

The Long Awaited Post

Here is an update. I am still currently at the same school. After fifth grade, a teacher was sick for a week with pneumonia so I worked for her. Than after that a teacher had to go on emergency bed rest for the rest of the school year. So I am finishing out the year at Harcourt. The job search is progressing painfully slow. I do have an interview on Tuesday for a kindergarten teacher in Pike Township. I don't think I will get this particular position, but I hope to convince her to hire me for another position that comes open. Either way, it is good experience. All the teachers at my school tell me that most hiring goes on in July and August so I shouldn't get discouraged right away. I am trying not to, but I am a planner, and I am going to get ulcers waiting.
My parents trip went very well. We had so much fun while they were here. I was able to spend a Mother's Day with my mom for the first time in about 5 years. We followed that up with my graduation at the RCA dome. I really enjoyed my graduation. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I was really proud to have my parents and my in-law family there to celebrate with me. Thank you all for making it a great day.
Eli has recovered from my parents visit (apparently he does not like to have visitors in the house). He has recently ate an entire dog bed and can not bark due to something caught in his throat. Joe and I are going to give him the weekend to pass it. If it doesn't get better we will bring him to the vet.
Joe loves his new job. He gets to make his own hours so he has been enjoying a few extra Friday's off. Next week we will both have Friday off together. How exciting!
Andy and Emily and Grace moved last weekend. I caught a great picture of Grace in a packing box the last time I babysat. I thought it was really cute so I will post it. Their new house is amazing. I am really happy for them. They are also moved into Washington Township schools so I know that Grace will have a great educational experience.
Well, I hope this catches you all up on live at the Hodson Household. I want to wish my mom a happy birthday. I love you!



8 days left!

I only have 8 days left of school. What am I going to do with myself? Oh yeah, I remember, look for a job! I am feeling the heat. I need to get a job lined up for next year or I might go insane. I do have my parents coming into town in two weeks to look forward to. We are frantically preparing for their arrival. We are doing chores we should have done a while ago. Nothing like company to light a fire. I am really looking forward to my parents visit. They will be meeting Eli and Grace for the first time. I hate that they live so far away, so any time we get to be together is appreciated. I am exhausted, I just finished grading a million papers. I must head to bed before 11.


P.S. Eli celebrated his first birthday 10 days after his uncle Scott. He spent the entire day passed out on the couch (he spent the previous day in doggy daycare so he was tired).


Various Other Pictures

Just Grace and her Uncle Joe!
Hey Aunt Kat!
I love this window....it's just the right size for me.
Our Big Boy!
Hamburger anyone?
Dad and Eli hanging out.

Easter Pictures