Jonah's Recent Doctor's Visit

Jonah had his follow-up doctor's appointment a week ago to check on his weight gain and gross motor skill development.  Since the last time I posted about his doctor's concerns, Jonah has started to pull up and cruise around the table as well as bending down and picking up objects.  The doctor was pleased with his progress.  He has gained a half of a pound since his 9-month checkup and the doctor seemed okay about that.  What was concerning was the fact that Jonah has been throwing up about twice a week after eating.  The doctor sent my husband and Jonah down to the imaging center to take an inside look at Jonah's stomach to be sure that there wasn't anything we needed to be concerned about.  They took pictures and didn't see anything that would be causing Jonah to throw up.  They concluded that Jonah's gag reflex isn't fully developed yet and he will outgrow this throwing up in a few months.

I have been very cautious with over-feeding Jonah because he seems to gag more when he is full, and this week he didn't throw up at all!  That is until today.  It seems like just when I am starting to not worry about the little guy he gives me something to worry about.  I wasn't around today when he threw up (I was at the gym trying to work off those last few pregnancy pounds), so I had to rely on Joe's expertise that he overfed him.

The doctor said that the eczema on Jonah's face had gotten so bad that it is now infected.  He prescribed some cream that has been working great for the past week.  The downside of this magical cream is the price tag.  We have insurance (decent insurance) and we still had to pay $80.00 for this small tube of cream!  What exactly are my insurance premiums going towards if I still have to pay $80 on a generic prescription?  To make matters worse I accidentally left his cream on his nightstand after applying it one night and  Eli got into it (he has an obsession with steroid cream, this isn't the first, or second, tube of prescription cream that he has eaten in his lifetime) and now it comes out the sides as well as the top.  Luckily Jonah's face is looking so much better that he doesn't need it.
I can't believe how much doctors appointments scare me these days.  Every time he goes we come back with something else we need to worry about with him.  I guess worrying about him will last my lifetime!

Here are a few recent pictures, enjoy!


A Face Full of Smiles

BJ had his doctors visit this past Friday (more on that later).  Unfortunately BJ’s eczema has gotten so bad his face is infected.  He remains a very happy boy.  Here he is crawling all around the house as happy as can be.  His face is much better now that he has his prescription cream.


A Family Super Bowl

The Colts lost, but we enjoyed Jonah's first Super Bowl anyway.  We had to get a picture of the family  (football is big in our house). Congratulations New Orleans.

Jonah's skin is still looking rough in these pictures.  He is slowly doing better.  We have another doctor's appointment scheduled for Friday so hopefully we can get a Dermatologist referral.  Lets hope!


Winter Wonderland

We got hit this week with  a bunch of snow.  Jonah had a cold so we had to keep him inside.  Both Jonah and Eli were really wanting to go out and play in the snow.  Here they are looking out the front window wishing they could play.  I couldn’t resist a picture of the two of them!


The Big Game

I haven't talked much about the colts this year, but I am still a huge fan and extremely excited about the Super Bowl.  We are headed up to Noblesville to watch the big game with Joe's family.  I am so excited that Jonah's first Super Bowl has our favorite team starring in it!  The Super Bowl is always a big event in our family!  It is also a little bittersweet as today will mark the end of the football season.  Joe and I have so much fun during the season. We get a little sad thinking that we have to wait until September to watch the games again.  I will leave you with this: