A Hodson's Christmas

We had Joe's family Christmas on Sunday.  It was one for the books!  Very interesting day.  I will tell you more verbally about it if I know you personally.  Here are a few pictures from Jonah's (and Edilu's) first Christmas celebration.

Cousins... okay guys are you ready for a picture for grandma?

Come on man!

This isn't so bad...

I'm outta here!

Just Grace and Jonah left.

Yummy bow!

Edilu is back!

Almost done.

Slinkys are still cool!

Edilu and his daddy!

Pop Pop


Uncle Brian

Mommy and Jonah opening up gifts.

On to the next Christmas Celebration in Idaho, Headrick style.


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
We hope you find 2010 to be the best year of your life!
Joe, Kat, Jonah, and Eli


Edilu is home!  We went and picked all of them up at the Chicago airport last weekend.  He is adorable and from what I hear he is adjusting well to his new home.  Here are a few pics:

On our way to Chicago!

Wating for our new little cousin at the airport!

The newest addition to the family!

Uncle Joe and Louis!


Jonah's First Thanksgiving

We headed up to South Bend this year for Thanksgiving.  Jonah was a trooper.  He slept the entire way there and the entire way back.  We were fortunate enough to be able to stay with Joe's Uncle and Aunt, Kevin and Joan, and their four boys.  Jonah love the boys.  Thanksgiving consisted of about 50 aunts, uncles, cousins,  and other family members.  I love getting the entire O'Connor crew together.  There is always someone to talk to and someone to hold your baby when your arms get tired.  Joe had a blast playing music with his brother, cousins, and uncles.   I hope Jonah learns how to play the keyboards someday and joins in the fun.

Aunt Emily and Jonah

The Turkey Bowl

Jonah and Daddy

The View From Upsidedown

Mommy and Jonah

A Very Handsome Jonah in His Thanksgiving Outfit

The Cute Little Man

Grace and Aiden Eating Thanksgiving Dinner

Jonah's First Haircut

Here are the before and after pictures of Jonah's first haircut at 7 months.

My handsome guy with a full head of curls!

The cutting begins.

Hey there!

Almost done.

Look Grandpa, I'm a handsome little man!


Bad Blogger Mommy

I know... bad blogger mommy.  I am sorry I have been so busy.  I promise I will update this weekend.  I have wonderful pictures from Thanksgiving.  One little side note:  Andy, Emily, and Grace are on their way with Aunt Amy to Ethiopia as we write!  They should arrive tomorrow at about 11 and will be able to meet Louis for the first time.  I can't wait until next Saturday when we go to the airport to pick them up!  My little nephew is almost home.