A Long Wait

I don't have a voice. I haven't had a voice since Monday. It is not very good to be a kindergarten teacher without a voice. Even worse is being a Colts fan without a voice. I hope it is back by Sunday. Needless to say, I have been sick. The last time I got sick was last November. I have to remember to take extra vitamins next year. Everyone is doing fine. Joe is having a great time this month with all of his special days off (Election Day, Vetren's Day, and Thanksgiving). Eli is healthy, finally! He is so big. He did well with me even though I had to whisper to him for the past few days. He still knew when I was mad at him even though I had to whisper. Joe and I have looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving in Noblesville, and Christmas in Boise. We even had a few snowflakes today to set the mood for the Holidays. I had an interesting week at school that I will tell you about if you ask. Well, I am at school tutoring so I should go. I hope this finds you very well.