Life as a Newlywed

Well, it is official, I am a wife. I have installed a new fridge in our house. Yup, me and the men from Lowes. Joe and I are remodeling our kitchen, and thanks to snazzy bartering, we secured our first purchase, a stainless steel fridge. It makes the rest of the kitchen look really outdated, as if it wasn't already. I feel all grown up. We are optimistic about our honeymoon. Hurricane Emily has passed, and it doesn't look like were going to hit any other storms. We leave next Saturday for Houston, and then were off sailing. We have both been working extra hard this week to make up for the week that were going to be gone. Then I will have to go back to school.



So most of you know we had a storm come through Idaho when Joe and I got married. No big deal really, we just moved it inside. Well at our reception in Indiana, we had a monsoon. It really rained the entire night, not just normal rain, but a downpour. We were inside so it didn't affect us too much. Well now Joe and I are planning our Honeymoon. We are going on a cruise. Well, mother nature is striking again. Hurricane Emily just passed through all of our ports and caused major damage. They say the worse the weather, the better the marriage, and I am holding on to that!
Joe celebrated National Probation Officer Day by playing a little golf with his partner Josh. I didn't know that there was such a thing, he might be pulling a fast one on me. I thought Hallmark made a card for everything, and I didn't see one for Probation Officers.
We are doing well for Newlyweds. We are hoping to expand our family to include one dog here shortly. We are also expecting to increase our extended family. Joe's brother and sister-in-law, are planning to adopt from Africa. We couldn't be more excited. I am going to be an Aunt! I will write more about this as things progress for them. I am really excited!


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I have been doing a lot of thinking about life and love and family in the last few weeks. I keep thinking how blessed I am that I have such a strong foundation around me. One of our friends is undergoing brain surgery tomorrow, and I can't begin to understand what she is feeling today. She is strong, and she will be okay, but I feel so much for her. I want her to know how strongly she has touched those who know her. We love you!
My parents are flying in from Idaho for the reception in Indy this weekend. I am really excited to show off our house to my father for the first time. I love owning this house. It is still a work in progress, but I think were doing okay.
I have Jury Duty this week, so far I haven't been called in to the court house, but I have two days left to call. I find this whole process interesting. I wonder how they decide which groups to call. I thought they would do it in sequence, but it seems random. We'll see what happens with that!


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Wedding's Over Blues

I'm so sad that the big event is over. I had such a great time, and I didn't want to go back home. I am now back in the real world, and it sucks. I worked 15 hours yesterday. I work again tonight, and Joe has a show. We sure haven't seen a lot of each other since we were married. We are going on our honeymoon in August. I am glad I have something to look forward to, because the blues would be bluer.
I am antsy waiting for pictures. Usually I am the one talking pictures, so I can see them right away. This waiting for things is not fun. If anyone out there has pictures, send them my way.
Mrs. Hodson