This Weekend

Joe and I decorated the house for Christmas! We haven't done this for three years due to a very feisty doggie. It is so relaxing the sit on the couch and look at a fully decorated Christmas Tree. Everyone is doing great. I am feeling okay. It seems that every two weeks my body decides to remind me that I don't have any control over my nausea, but other than that I feel great. I am in the middle of completing my portfolio for the State Department of Education for my permanent teaching license. IT SUCKS! There is so much that goes into it. I have spent hours already and probably have 5 or 6 more hours to invest to finish this thing. My goal was to finish it before December. Seeing as how December starts tomorrow, I am now trying to finish it by Friday. I hate the stress. Our Thanksgiving was lovely. We traveled to Noblesville with the Hodson's. Joe baked an apple pie from scratch that was very tasty. He also smoked an 11 pound turkey. I think that we will do this again. It was very good. I will post a picture of Joe after he carved the beast. Joe is turning 32 on the 8th! What an old man he is turning into. A few days later we will find out the gender of this baby. Any bets? So far most people think that it is a girl. I hope this finds you healthy and happy!

Week 17 Belly Pic

This is picture from last weekend, week 17! (I think I have grown since then)


Baby Update

Hello to all. I want to say Congratulations to my friend Tawnya. She gave birth to her little girl, Alice Dawn Kline, this week. She is doing well and Alice is very cute!

I am now 16 weeks (as of Friday). I felt the baby kick once last week. I think I feel he/she move but as I am new to this pregnancy stuff I am not sure. I have finally stopped throwing up! Yeah! The last night I was sick was election night. I think the baby was really excited and wanted me to know it. Speaking of the election, I am really excited about how it turned out and that Indiana went blue for the first time since President Johnson ran. We have our big ultrasound scheduled for December 11. We hope to find out the sex of the baby at that time. The doctor has scheduled my c-section tentatively for Friday, April 24th.

I broke down and purchased some maternity clothes. I hate the thought of buying clothes that I can only wear for 5 more months but what are you going to do. I am trying to be creative with some of my outfits at work so that people don't realize that I am wearing the same pants two or three times a week.

Joe is doing great. He has been so amazing the past few months. I am a very lucky lady to have him around. Eli still has allergies . We have changed his diet, the seasons have changed, and still no change in his allergies. We will keep working on him. We need to buy stock in Benedryl.

I am going to take pictures this weekend of my expanding tummy. I will post them later.