Dear Jonah March 1, 2013

Dear Jonah, I found this video of you when you first learned to walk:

You have come a long way in four years!

You are so determined.  I am constantly amazed at how you never give up.  Even when things make you so frustrated that you scream, you won't give up until you have mastered whatever problem you are trying to solve.  You follow directions exactly as they are written.  Even at your young age of almost 4 you can build amazing things with Legos. I wish I shared your determination.  It is amazing to watch you grow up!

Ball Art

I wrote this when you turned one:

Your arrival was scheduled.  We had an appointment for my cesarean section and we made it to that date.  Of course everything doesn’t always go according to plan and they had to take you a little early because your little heart rate plummeted about an hour before my scheduled surgery.  We were nervous, but I can’t explain the feeling that went through me when I heard your little cry for the very first time.  Daddy made sure you were okay and then brought you over to me so I could give you my first kiss. I haven’t been that happy in my entire life.
Even three years later I still feel the exact same when you give me a kiss on the check.

Jonah and Daddy

I love you! Mommy   For another letter please visit my friend Alison's blog!  

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