Jonah's comercial March 14, 2014

Real advice from real parents is essential to any new mom or dad. While I might not be considered a new mom any more, I constantly seek out the opinions of those who have "been there" to help keep things in perspective. Fisher-Price knows the value of parents learning from each other and recently gathered some Moments of Advice from parents through short little videos. They compiled this footage into three short little videos that spotlight how easily play time can be turned into learning time! This first video showcases one of the first milestones our babies master as they take their first steps. I love the advice these moms give those of us who are waiting patiently for our kids to get up and walk! I am very lucky to work with some amazing educators who know the value of play time. I taught kindergarten for 5 years and first grade for 3 years, I know the value of play. Kids are doing more than just playing when they are engaged in play time. They are using their imaginations and building problem solving skills that will stick with them throughout their lives. I was so excited to have Jonah featured in the Learning Trough Play video with his homemade fort we built out of large boxes. Check him out in Tip #5! Isn't he adorable? Here are some fantastic play time tips to do with your kids. I love the clip of playing in front of the mirror, I love doing that with my kids!

How do you encourage learning through play?

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